Halawet El Jebn- Sweet Cheese Rolls

Halawet El Jebn- Sweet Cheese Rolls

What is Halawet el Jibn?

Halawet el Jibn is a traditional Levantine dessert made from sweet cheese and semolina dough, stuffed with Ashta and drizzled with rose-scented sugar syrup. It is best enjoyed with ground pistachios sprinkled on top of the sweet rolls and a pinch of orange flower jam called Zaher el Laymoun or rose petal jam.
While desserts with cheese are usually not very common in other cuisines, the Middle Eastern cuisine has several desserts made with sweet cheese, one of the famous of them all being the Kunafa bl Jebn. Halawet el Jibn originates from Hama, a city in Syria. Like many other Middle Eastern dessert, Halawet el Jibn has become a favorite throughout the region over the years, making its way to the Mediterranean.

When Do They Usually Serve Halawet el Jibn?

Halawet el Jibn is usually served during famous holidays like Ramadan and Easter. Today, however, because of its popularity, Halawet el Jibn is one of the best sellers throughout the whole year.


Halawet el Jibn at Sarkis Pastry

Halawet el Jibn needs to be refrigerated and therefore we can not ship it due to the risk of it going bad. We offer the Halawet el Jebn:

1- In-store

2- Online delivery through our website 

3- Online delivery through UberEats, DoorDash and Grubhub




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