This map shows how long a package takes to ship from our kitchen to your front door with the standard Ground shipping method. (Click map to enlarge)

Please use this map when choosing shipping options. For e.g. if you live in the yellow shaded area and need your pastries delivered next day, you don't have to choose "Next Day Air" and pay extra. You can simply choose Ground, and you will still receive your order next day.

For all residents in the "5 Days" states, we highly recommend shipping via 3-day select or better. The orange states take 5 business days to deliver, which in turn become one full week(including weekend) until the pastries arrive to your door. This will compromise the quality and freshness of the pastries.

Also, if you are unsure as to how long ground shipping will take, please look at the shipping chart after you click the "apply" button in the shopping cart. It shows the length of delivery time along with the price.

We ship all of our orders within 24 hours. However, we try to avoid keeping the pastries two extra days in transit over the weekends and/or holidays. Therefore, we may ship your order on Monday instead of Friday, unless we're notified.

UPS does not ship to PO BOX addresses.

UPS does not ship on the weekends

The day the order gets shipped is not included in the transit time.

Please don't hesitate to email us with any shipping questions at